Heat Exchangers

Dual-circuit heat exchangers are designed to heat pool water from the central heating system. The primary circuit is in the form of a coil (horizontal heat exchangers) or pipes (vertical heat exchangers).

To choose a heat exchanger mind the following information:

• for outdoor pools: Heat exchanger power, kW = Pool volume, m3;

• for indoor pools: Heat exchanger power, kW = 0,7 х Pool volume, m3.

Spiral Heat Exchangers

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|Product code |Description|Price (rub)| |ТО.13.1|Heat exchanger 13 kW|9 800,00| |ТО.28.1|Heat exchanger 28 kW|12 450,00| |ТО.40.1|Heat exchanger 40 kW|14 550,00| |ТО.75.2|Heat exchanger 75 kW|22 250,00|

Tubular Heat Exchanger 200 kW

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|Product code |Description|Price (rub)| |ТО.20|Heat exchanger 200 kW|90 500,00|

Tubular Heat Exchangers

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|Product code |Description|Price (rub)| |ТО.40.10|Heat exchanger 40 kW|16 400,00| |ТО.60.10|Heat exchanger 60 kW|20 550,00| |ТО.75.20|Heat exchanger 75 kW|25 350,00| |ТО.12.2|Heat exchanger 120 kW|38 950,00|

Heat Exchanger Adapter

Heat exchanger adapter is installed between pipeline and heat exchanger and serves to protect the PVC pipe from overheating, which can lead to deformations and damages of sealing joints. Screw connections are of two types: 1,5" and 2,5".

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|Product code |Description|Price (rub)| |ТО.00.1|Heat exchanger adapter d.50 1,5”|1 500,00| |ТО.00.2|Heat exchanger adapter d.63 2”|1 650,00|