Wall Conduits

The wall conduit serves as a link between the external piping to the pool and internal accessories (inlets, counter current units, etc.). Protect the pipeline from rupture when laying concrete.

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|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |СП.31.1|Wall conduit 1” (ext.)|concrete|2 400,00| |СП.31.2|Wall conduit 1,5” (int.)|concrete|2 300,00| |СП.32.1|Wall conduit 2”(ext.)|concrete|2 950,00| |СП.32.2|Wall conduit 2”(int.)|concrete|2 900,00|

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|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |СП.31.2.2|Wall conduit 1,5” (int.)|liner|3 850,00| |СП.32.2.2|Wall conduit 2” (int.)|liner|4 350,00|