Handrails & Lane Marking Equipment

Made in polished stainless steel tubes. You can order handrails of your own design.

Curved Handrails

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|Product code |Description|Price (rub)| |ПР.050.1|Handrail 0,5 м|4 700,00| |ПР.100.1|Handrail 1,0 м|5 800,00| |ПР.150.1|Handrail 1,5 м|6 850,00| |ПР.200.1|Handrail 2,0 м|7 850,00| |ПР.250.1|Handrail 2,5 м|8 950,00| |ПР.300.1|Handrail 3,0 м|10 100,00|

Straight Handrails

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|Product code |Description|Price (rub)| |ПР.100.2|Handrail 1,0 м|6 900,00| |ПР.150.2|Handrail 1,5 м|8 450,00| |ПР.200.2|Handrail 2,0 м|8 900,00| |ПР.300.2|Handrail 3,0 м|12 750,00| |ПР.500.2|Handrail 5 м and more|-----|

You can order handrails of your own design.

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Embedded Handrail Fitting

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|Product code |Description|Price (rub)| |ПР.000.2|Embedded handrail fitting|2 600,00|

Handrail Anchor

Handrail anchors are applied for fastening handrails, ladders and fences. Should be installed on a solid foundation and fastened with screws. The construction allows quick installation and removal.

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|Product code |Description|Price (rub)| |ПР.000.3|Handrail flange anchor|1 400,00|

Anchors for Competition Equipment

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|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |ПР.000.4|Float line anchor|concrete|4 350,00| |ПР.000.4.2|Float line anchor|liner|4 850,00| |ПР.000.5|Cup anchor with retractable hook|----}4 000,00|

{{File anker krishka.jpg}} {{File anker krishka_sh.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Price (rub)| |ПР.000.6|Cup anchor with cross bar |-----|