Bottom Inlets

For installation in the bottom of the pool for better water circulation. The front panel is mirror polished.

{{File fors_d120_pic.jpg}} {{File fors_d120_dr.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |ФП.122.1|Bottom inlet d.120 2" (ext.)|concrete|3 150,00| |ФП.122.2|Bottom inlet d.120 2” (ext.)|liner|3 250,00|

{{File fors_n200_pic.jpg}}{{File fors_n200_dr.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |ФП.091.1|Bottom inlet Н200 d.90 1,5” (ext.)|concrete|2 200,00| |ФП.091.2|Bottom inlet Н200 d.90 1,5” (ext.)|liner|2 450,00|

Adjustable Bottom Inlet

Water flow can be adjusted by the central screw, making it possible to change the flow rate for better water circulation.

{{File fors_120reg_pic.jpg}} {{File fors_120reg_dr.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |ФП.122.3|Adjustable bottom inlet d.120 2” (ext.)|concrete|3 500,00| |ФП.122.4|Adjustable bottom inlet d.120 2” (ext.)|liner|3 650,00|

{{File fors_n200_reg_pic.jpg}} {{File fors_n200_reg_dr.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |ФП.091.3|Adjustable bottom inlet Н-200 d.90 1,5” (ext.)|concrete|3 200,00| |ФП.091.4|Adjustable bottom inlet Н-200 d.90 1,5” (ext.)|liner|3 500,00|

Circular Flow Inlet

Provides a smooth return of water into the pool basin without creating surface current.

{{File fors_rasseiv_pic.jpg}}{{File fors_rasseiv_dr.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |ФПб.090.02|Circular flow inlet 1,5” (ext.)|liner|2 450,00|

Wall Inlets

Designed to return water from water treatment system and provide surface current. Direction of the flow is easily controlled by adjusting the "eyeball".

{{File fors_sten_pic.jpg}} {{File fors_sten_dr.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |ФП.091.5|Wall inlet 1,5” (ext.)|concrete|2 600,00| |ФП.091.6|Wall inlet 1,5” (ext.)|liner|3 050,00|

{{File fors_091_7_pic.jpg}} {{File fors_091_7_dr.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |ФП.091.7|Wall inlet 1,5” (ext.)|concrete|2 400,00|

Vacuum Point

Designed to connect a vacuum cleaner. The safety plug is to be fitted when the point is not in use.

{{File fors_vac_pic.jpg}} {{File fors_vac_dr.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |ФП.111.1|Vacuum point 1,5” (int.)|concrete|2 000,00| |ФП.111.2|Vacuum point 1,5” (int.)|liner|2 550,00| |ФП.001.0|Vacuum point plug|------|1 650,00|

Bubble Inlet

{{File fors_bar_pic.jpg}} {{File fors_bar15_dr.jpg}} {{File fors_bar2_dr.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |ФП.111.3|Bubble inlet 1,5" (ext.)|concrete|2 200,00| |ФП.111.4|Bubble inlet 2" (ext.)|concrete|2 850,00|

Hydromassage Jet

{{File fors_gmass1_pic.jpg}} {{File fors_gmass1_dr.jpg}}

Front panel (ФП.091.7) have to be paid extra

|Product code |Description|Q m3/h*|Price (rub)| |ФГ.07|Hydromassage jet 1" (int.)|7 m3/h|8 750,00|

  • Q - flow rate, m3/h

{{File fors_gmass_sh_pic.jpg}} {{File fors_gmass_sh_dr.jpg}}

Front panel (ФП.091.7) have to be paid extra

|Product code |Description|Q m3/h*|Price (rub)| |ФГк.07|Hydromassage jet short 1" (int.)|7 m3/h|8 100,00|

  • Q - flow rate, m3/h

{{File fors_gidro2_pic.jpg}}

Supplied with front panel

|Product code |Description|Q m3/h*|Price (rub)| |ФГ.20|Hydromassage jet 2" (int.)|20 m3/h|20 750,00|

  • Q - flow rate, m3/h

{{File fors_gmass15_dr.jpg}}

Supplied with front panel

|Product code |Description|Q m3/h*|Price (rub)| |ФГ.12|Hydromassage jet 1,5" (ext.)|12-15 m3/h|16 850,00|

  • Q - flow rate, m3/h