Bubble Jets

Floor Bubbler

Designed for a local, intense exposure of vertically directed air flow on the human body. Limitations exist on the depth of laying - more than 1.5 m leads to poor performance of the compressor.

Floor Bubbler (Square)

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|Product code |Description|Pool type|Air flow|Price (rub)| |ПА.30.1|Floor bubbler 300х300|concrete|30 m3/hour|15 200,00| |ПА.30.2|Floor bubbler 300х300|liner|30 m3/hour|17 250,00| |ПА.40.1|Floor bubbler 400х400|concrete|60 m3/hour|17 700,00| |ПА.40.2|Floor bubbler 400х400|liner|60 m3/hour|21 150,00| |ПА.50.1|Floor bubbler 500х500|concrete|100 m3/hour|21 150,00| |ПА.50.2|Floor bubbler 500х500|liner|100 m3/hour|30 950,00| |ПА.60.1|Floor bubbler 600х600|concrete|140 m3/hour|30 550,00| |ПА.60.2|Floor bubbler 600х600|liner|140 m3/hour|39 350,00| |ПА.80.1|Floor bubbler 800х800|concrete|170 m3/hour|40 700,00| |ПА.80.2|Floor bubbler 800х800|liner|170 m3/hour|45 550,00|

Floor Bubbler (Circular)

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|Product code |Description|Pool type|Air flow|Price (rub)| |ПА.30.3|Floor bubbler d.300|concrete|25 m3/hour|13 450,00| |ПА.30.4|Floor bubbler d.300|liner|25 m3/hour|15 200,00| |ПА.40.3|Floor bubbler d.400|concrete|50 m3/hour|20 700,00| |ПА.40.4|Floor bubbler d.400|liner|50 m3/hour|25 300,00| |ПА.48.3|Floor bubbler d.480|concrete|70 m3/hour|25 600,00| |ПА.48.4|Floor bubbler d.480|liner|70 m3/hour|31 650,00|

{{File 120plato_pic.jpg}} {{File 120plato_drawing.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Pool type|Air flow|Price (rub)| |ПА.12.1|Floor bubbler d.120|concrete|20 m3/hour|3 850,00| |ПА.12.2|Floor bubbler d.120|liner|20 m3/hour|4 050,00|


Designed for wide air flow impact on the human body. Are usually installed in the hot tub or special pool zones. When mounting an air line a loop above the water level must be provided to prevent the entry of water into the compressor.

{{File recliner_foto.jpg}}{{File recliner_dr.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Pool type|Air flow|Price (rub)| |ЛА.01.0|Recliner|concrete|140 m3/hour|54 500,00| |ЛА.01.2|Recliner|liner|140 m3/hour|73 650,00|


{{File lounger_pic.jpg}}{{File lounger_dr.jpg}}

|Product code |Description|Pool type|Air flow|Price (rub)| |ЛА.02.0|Lounger|concrete|140 m3/hour|54 750,00| |ЛА.02.2|Lounger|liner|140 m3/hour|75 650,00|

Floor Bubbler (Rectangular)

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|Product code |Description|Pool type|Air flow|Price (rub)| |ЛА.03.1|Floor bubbler 500x80 (rectangular)|concrete|20 m3/hour|8 550,00| |ЛА.03.2|Floor bubbler 500x80 (rectangular)|liner|20 m3/hour|12 100,00|

Floor Bubbler (Radial)

Radial bubblers are made individually according to the customer's sizes. To acquire the exact prices please contact our sales department

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|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |ЛА.03.3|Floor bubbler radial|concrete|contract price| |ЛА.03.4|Floor bubbler radial|liner|contract price|

Floor Bubbler (Ring)

Ring bubblers are made individually according to the customer's sizes. To acquire the exact prices please contact our sales department.

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|Product code |Description|Pool type|Price (rub)| |КА.01.1|Floor bubbler (ring)|concrete|contract price| ||КА.01.2|Floor bubbler (ring)|liner|contract price|